Prebiotics consumption expands in food and beverage applications – key nutritional benefits drive the ingredient demand

One of the most rapidly progressive verticals of the global nutrition space, prebiotics market has come a long way since its inception, having now emerged as a niche entity in itself. With the increasing consumer spending on food and beverage products, the global prebiotics market has been expanding at a steady rate over the last few years. A gradual rise in consumer awareness regarding the benefits of including fiber rich food in their diet has also tremendously popularized this sector.

Science has established long since, that consuming prebiotic fiber improves digestive health and bone density, supports immunity, along with helping to manage weight. Albeit the remarkable increase in the consumption of supplements and health products, prebiotics in food products is still an emerging segment. As more consumers become mindful about the advantages of these fibers through registered dieticians and educational initiatives of food producers, the probiotics industry could witness an accelerated growth in the imminent future, reaching a valuation of USD 9.5 billion by 2027.

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